Skin Surgery


Scars are visible and/or palpable marks left on the skin as a result of its fibrous and epithelial regeneration following injury (physical or chemical), with a change in or loss of its surface continuity.

Traumatic Injuries or Wounds

Traumatic injuries or wounds are losses in the skin continuity solution arising from physical or chemical action (bruises, abrasions, cuts, burns, crushing, gouging or amputation) which can affect the structure of the skin in isolation or seriously compromise adjacent structures (bone, muscle, ligaments, vessels, nerves and/or tendons).


Compressive or painful Guyon’s tunnel syndrome is pain or numbness (paraesthesia) in the last two fingers of the hand, resulting from changes or compression in the cubital nerve as it travels through the tunnel to the wrist.


Syndactyly is a congenital malformation of the hands or feet, seen in the fingers or toes. It consists of an abnormal fusing of the soft parts of two or more fingers or toes. It normally extends to the first articulation of the digits or the proximal interphalangeal joints (partial syndactyly), but can also occur along the entire digit (full or total syndactyly).

Capillary Transplant

Capillary transplant is a surgical technique consisting of removing hair from a donor area with hair (normally the nape of the neck) and transplanting it to an area without hair (bald area) following microscopic separation and individualisation of the hair follicles.


Ulcers are skin and/or mucous injuries or wounds when the deep tissue is exposed. They can arise after direct trauma caused by a physical or chemical agent or radiation (traumatic), or by alterations or problems in arterial circulation (ischemic and/or diabetic ulcers) or venous circulation (venous leg ulcers) or arising from progressive tissue degeneration (of the skin or bone) due to continuous and localised mechanical pressure on a specific area of the body (pressure ulcers).