Facial Surgery

Face operation involves all face areas such as nose, mouth, forehead, chin area, ears and cheeks. The face involves a complex anatomy and it is the most sensitive body region when doing a plastic surgery.

Breast Surgery

Depending of the patient objective, there are many surgeries that clients can opt. Breast surgery, for example, can increase or decrease breast size or even reconstruct them. In some cases, breast removal is the best option for women who suffer from breast cancer.

Body Surgery

Body surgery, for example, will correct any imperfections which are affecting your self-esteem. Body surgery can enhance abs, the glutes or even female genitalia.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery, which is considered a very delicate procedure due to the structural difference. This type of surgery allows the treatment and rehabilitation of hand possible diseases.

Skin Surgery

Skin surgery helps to cover skin scars or even burns. This type of surgery helps to cover all imperfections of other surgeries or tumours.


As known, the skin is the biggest organ of the human body, therefore skin aging is evident over the passing years. Infiltrations are used to cover imperfections in various diferent parts of the body and revitalize all parts intervened.


This is a surgical specialty that deals with all the tissue in the human body, from the scalp to the feet. It is responsible for treatment or reconstruction aimed not only at restoring function or mobility, but also the initial form and aesthetic balance.

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The 10 commandments or recommendations to be followed for your surgery to be performed safely, according to the Portuguese Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association.

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