Body Surgery


Abdominoplasty is plastic surgery on the abdominal wall where excess skin and fat, commonly referred to as an apron belly, is removed and the muscle wall is tightened, with the aim of improving the anterior wall and, consequently, body contouring.

Gluteal Augmentation

Surgery to augment the gluteus or buttocks consists of increasing the volume of the buttocks (using implants, dermal fillers or fat grafting) in order to improve or optimise the volume or natural contours of the buttock área.


Brachioplasty is plastic surgery on the inside of the arms, where excess skin and fat are removed from the region to improve the volume, shape and contour of the arms.

Intimate Surgery

Intimate surgery or nymphoplasty is plastic surgery on the intimate parts of the female body, whether on the large or small labia (labiaplasty) or on the entire vulva area (vulvoplasty).

Post-Obesity Surgery

Post-obesity surgery or body contouring consists of several plastic surgery operations carried out on the body after large reductions in body weight and volume with weight stabilisation. The aim of this is to remove the flaccid skin and excess fat and aesthetically improve body contouring.

Thigh Dermolipectomy

The aim of thigh dermolipectomy or lifting is to remove the excess flaccid skin and fat on the inside of the thighs of patients, aesthetically improving the contours and the mobility of the lower limbs.


Liposuction or liposculpture is a surgical technique using cannula connected to a suction pump to suck out excess fat, in order to improve body contouring.


Lipofilling or fat grafting is the technique of using the fat collected during liposuction. After treatment, and possible enrichment, it is used as a filler in order to correct defects or depressions and for body contouring.